About CPA Services

As an experienced CPA firm, TPP offers our clients broad expertise in accounting management, tax services and business planning.  

As an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, we have access to the 5th largest accounting and consulting network in the world. Click for more information.

What Makes TPP Different: 

Avoid Income Tax and Cash Flow Surprises - Through routine client meetings, we stay current on the changes within your business and can help you anticipate upcoming opportunities or financial pitfalls.

Profitability Ideas- Through our objective perspective, we see opportunities for profitability and cost savings that you may not. We regularly provide ideas resulting in a total value from costs savings, lower taxes and higher profits of over $1.4M per year.

The Right Information - We eliminate worries about whether your financial statements are accurate and timely, and whether you’re getting the information you need to run your business.

Timely Service - We provide incentives to our associates to complete projects quickly and accurately, and typically finish 92% of our projects within 14 days or less after we receive all the necessary information.

Peace of Mind – With our team-based approach, we’re here to answer questions and educate you about your financial data so you can make informed choices about running your company.

CFO Oversight - We offer financial management services for selected clients who desire a strategic viewpoint.



Accounting >>
Through our team-based approach to client service, we stay current on changes in best practices and learn from our diverse set of clients.
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Tax Services >>
TPP understands the complexities of the tax law and is aware of new developments and emerging issues in tax preparation and filing. 
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Business Planning >>

Our expertise in financial management extends to several common business situations and requirements. 
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