Overland Park, KS (October 24, 2017) TPP Certified Public Accountants, a leading accounting firm announced today they have won Inavero’s Best of Accounting™ Award for providing superior service to their clients. The Best of Accounting Award winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based completely on the ratings given to them by their clients. Results used the firm’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer satisfaction survey that measures the loyalty that exists between a provider and a business. Net Promoter Scores are used by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies, and often act as a leading indicator of an organization’s growth.

TPP Certified Public Accountants received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 85% percent of their clients, significantly higher than the accounting industry’s average of 43% percent. 

“The 2017 Best of Accounting award recipients have gone to great lengths to demonstrate their commitment to service quality,” says Inavero Founder and CEO, Eric Gregg. “Winning firms not only invest time and resources toward surveying clients, they commit to providing validated feedback to the public on – making the satisfaction of their clients a central strategy for growing their business.” 

“We are proud and honored to be recognized for our efforts in this way. Thank you to our clients for our ongoing opportunity to serve them,” said TPP’s Bob Parker, Partner. 

About Best of Accounting™

Best of Accounting recognizes accounting firms that have demonstrated exceptional service quality based exclusively on ratings provided by their clients. The award program provides statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the accounting industry, revealing which firms deliver the highest quality of service to their clients. is the directory of choice for sourcing leading accounting firms with validated satisfaction scores in the US and Canada.

About Inavero

Rooted in satisfaction research for business service firms, Inavero’s proprietary online survey program leverages the Net Promoter® Score methodology to measure client satisfaction. Inavero partners with business service firms in more than 15 countries to measure client satisfaction, improve retention, capture testimonials, and increase new business. 


TPP Certified Public Accountants Named Best of the Best CPA Firm 2017, Four Years Running

Carmel, Ind. (August 30, 2017) – Continuing the tradition of more than 20 years, INSIDE Public Accounting’s (IPA’s) has unveiled the 2017 list of the Best of the Best public accounting firms in the nation. This group, the highest performers within the profession, are ranked on more than 70 metrics. The 2017 Best of the Best firms produce superior financial results while planning for long-term, sustainable growth.

In 2017, 587 firms were eligible for this accolade by participating in IPA’s 27th Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms.

The IPA Best of the Best firms are scattered across the U.S. and Canada and come in all sizes - from 27 employees to 2,615. Two-thirds of the Best of the Best firms appeared on the list in 2016, demonstrating an impressive commitment to excellence and sustainability.

IPA has also named 10 firms under $5 million in net revenue for the Best of the Best Under $5 Million. Unlike their large-firm counterparts, these firms earned this distinction with fewer resources to deliver top-notch client service, sought-after benefits and professional development across the firm – hallmarks of the Best of the Best.

“Best of the Best firms excel by achieving the delicate balance of focus on culture, clients, team and financial results,” says Michael Platt, principal of the Platt Group and publisher of the accounting trade publication, INSIDE Public Accounting. “Best of the Best firms are judged on dozens of metrics that truly take a holistic view of success. Their strategic focus on all areas that make accounting firms great have produced the results that merit this sought-after accolade.”

Kelly Platt, publisher of INSIDE Public Accounting, says firm leaders who are looking to improve can look to the results produced by the IPA Best of the Best. “Best of the Best firms show that discipline, planning and a systematic approach to improvement can result in measurable progress toward their goals. In a rapidly changing business environment, Best of the Best firms thrive.”

A full list of the 2017 IPA Best of the Best firms, including the Under $5 Million category and, new this year, Best of the Best in Canada can be found at:


Do You Know How Your Business Measures Up?

By Robert W. Parker (October 2015) Ingram's Magazine

KPIs aren’t just for big businesses; using them can improve profitability anywhere.

Key Performance Indicators are measurements that can help you monitor the financial health of your business. When tracked consistently, KPIs help you make important decisions that affect your daily operations, growth and profitability.

A quick Google search reveals hundreds of KPIs, so your first task is to determine which ones are “key” to your business. Start by looking at your business goals and choosing KPIs that measure those goals specifically. Next, determine a target (such as current industry ratios) for each KPI and track your results against that target. This will help you monitor your performance and assess which areas of your business need the most attention.

Here are a few KPIs that are applicable to most industries:

Receivables Turnover:

For companies having issues with cash flow or collections, tracking this ratio over time will show whether sales are quickly being turned into cash. If receivables are not collected in a reasonable amount of time, cash flow will suffer. Used in conjunction with a receivables-aging schedule, the receivables turnover ratio will draw attention to overdue accounts that should be a priority for collection.

Inventory Turnover:

Using the same idea as receivables turnover, this ratio measures how long inventory is sitting on shelves before being sold. Ideally, inven-tory sits for a short amount of time before customers buy it. This ratio varies significantly across different industries, so be sure to use your own industry’s statistics with this KPI. If the turnover rate is significantly lower than the industry average, you may have too much invested in inventory.

Net Profit Margin:

This simple metric, when tracked consistently, can indicate sales trends throughout the year. If you only track net profit margin yearly or quarterly, you might be overlooking shorter seasonality trends that could be helpful with future forecasting and budgeting. Tracking this metric on a monthly or weekly basis can more clearly illuminate important trends.

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